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 1. Be respectful. Please keep in mind that the feelings and opinions of others, even if they are different from you own.


2. Make sure your thoughts and communications are clear. Make sure identifications are clear. Make sure your questions or concerns are concise and backed with appropriate resources.


3. Be aware of strong languages, all caps, signs, and sarcasm. Writing text may be misread or misunderstood and may be interpreted as rude or not funny at all. Try to read what you’ve written out loud before sending it. Sometimes, emojis are helpful in conveying humor or sarcasm so that it is read correctly.


4. Don’t post or share inappropriate materials. You know what I’m talking about.


5. Cite your sources when possible. Sharing an idea or opening a discussion will be better if you share your sources.


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  • Netiquette in online education 

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